Please help the Orangutans

so sad our goverment not care, even me.. thank you for your effort..

50 Year Project

Isobel and Gilly have a petition on their blog to help save the orangutans in Indonesia. A local Governor wants to cut down a significant portion of Indonesia’s untouched forests, threatening the lives and survival of the orangutans in the country. Please stop by the site and sign the petition. I recently returned from a trip to Malaysia and was fortunate enough to see orangutans in the wild and at the sanctuary in Sepilok. I want everyone to have that opportunity.

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  1. Thanks Tinsyam! Let’s all spread the word, I’ve posted again with photos I took in Borneo.

    1. your welcome lucid.. i will see your photos you took in borneo..

  2. Thanks for reblogging this. I hope our efforts help.

    1. mommy anna knocked my heart with her reblogging this.. you are welcome tbm.. i hope so..

  3. robinaldi · · Reply

    hahahah đŸ˜€

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